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Your Business SOLUTIONS Partner

Our Target Market

Enigma offer Payroll and HR Solutions for Small and Medium businesses in South Africa.

Our vision

Enigma is not just another provider, we partner with our clients, we have a good understanding of our clients' needs and create a unique service offering as part of our clients' growth strategy.

Our commitment

Enigma is committed to your business success by providing the most cost effective solutions for your business need.

Enigma is a Business Solutions company with over 20 years of payroll,

HR and tax experience.



Our business philosophy is not to be just another payroll supplier

but to be a partner in your company growth.


Through our experience we have created all possible scenarios to deal with Payroll and HR difficulties




Payroll in business is not just a pay the employee anymore.


We do a full integration function:

  • Using systems to plan and optimize resources and using this as operations tools to improve your business process

  • Shift patterns and allocations

  • Checking of profitability

  • Job costing to assist with management planning and cost saving


Which leads to:

  • Effective cost control
  • Effective job planning
  • Resource allocations
  • Employee control







From our experience, HR can be a big burden on companies.


Companies generally fall short in the operational field, where the main focus is to deliver services or products.


Some difficulties we addressed in our HR System


  • Clean record, correct qualifications as well as valid ID documents

  • Onboarding of correctly qualified employees

  • Measurement of performance through the platform

  • In the event of disciplinary enquiry 9 out of 10 times the manual system falls through the cracks due to the lack of communication and lack of skills from supervisors etc.

  • BEE score card

  • Training and development



Compliance is not always possible for companies.


Being non-compliant usually cost the company money and business.


Compliance include but not limited to


  • SARS

  • Labour department

  • Compensation Fund

  • Bargaining councils

  • Main collective agreements